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The Perfect Gift List for the Traveler in Your Life

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

What kind of gift can you buy that special someone who loves to travel? Filling their stocking with airplane tickets may not fit within your holiday budget, but don't fear! There are plenty of travel friendly gifts you can buy that won't break the bank! Those of us with that wanderlust spirit are always searching for things that will make our adventures a little more comfortable, convenient, or just flat out boujie. Here are some gift ideas that will make sure the traveler in your life has some holiday pep in their travel step.

1. Noise Canceling Earbuds or Headphones

As much as I would like to say there's a $20 pair of earbuds that will do the trick, true noise canceling headphones are going to cost you. But if you want to show someone you truly care, give the gift of peace and quiet to your favorite traveler!

2. Portable Battery Pack

Help your loved one keep all of their electronic devices charged while they're on the go. You can attach this solar powered charger to the back of a backpack, or slip the slim "lipstick" charger into a purse, and you're good to go for a full day of sightseeing!

3. Jewelry Organizer

I swear my necklaces and bracelets come to life in my suitcase, purposely tie themselves in knots and wrap around each other. How else can you explain the tangled mess I find every time I travel?!?

This little case has a nifty earring organizer, snap on straps to separate necklaces, bracelets, and watches, and two zipper pouches for anything that needs a little extra protection.

4. Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

Compact, durable, and effective. This handy little eyeglass lens cleaner works so well, it won't leave fingerprints, streaks or smudges on your glasses. I mean, how can anthything used by NASA not be awesome??

5. Minimalist Wallet with RFID Blocking

Keep credit cards safe and secure in one of these slim wallets with RFID blocking metal. Whether you choose the classic Ridge or one a little easier on the budget, this is the perfect travel wallet!

6. Space Pen

Write upside down, on a wall, or even under water! This baby works at any angle, and even at extreme temperatures. Even if you're not going into space any time soon, you need this pen. It's the best pen you will ever own!

7. Leather Journal

This sturdy, yet stylish, leather journal has everything you need to stay organized while you're on the go.

Three sections for writing and taking notes, clips for marking your place or keeping pages together, and a zipper pocket for keeping important cards, receipts or tickets. The perfect journal for any traveler!

8. Compact Reading Glasses

These little cuties fold up so small, you can fit them almost anywhere! Put them in your backpack, purse, fanny pack, or even your pocket! They fold out easily and are comfortable on your ears. These are a really great option as a backup pair of readers for those travelers you know who have a tendency to "misplace" their glasses.

9. Digital luggage scale

Even the best laid packing plans can go awry. We may leave the perfect amount of space to bring an allotted amount of souvenirs home, but even the most seasoned travelers sometimes end up with a heavier load than expected.

Help your loved one avoid costly baggage fees on the way home with this lightweight and compact scale!

10. Collapsible water bottle

Eco-friendly, compact, and has its own carrying case. What more can you ask for in a water bottle? This can be hooked on to the side of a backpack or purse for easy access.

Say goodbye to ridiculously priced bottles of water at the airport. Just fill this up after you go through security, and you're good to go!

11. Compact umbrella

Not all travel umbrellas are created equal! This compact, yet sturdy, umbrella is windproof and waterproof, fits easily in a backpack or suitcase, and weighs less than 1 pound.

It has a Teflon coating that gives superior performance and dries quickly. This little umbrella packs a big punch!

12. Mini flashlight

Who doesn't need a mini flashlight when they're traveling?? Whether you're buying for someone who is traveling on trains, planes, or automobiles, you never know when this little guy will come in handy!

13. Travel pants

When it comes to taking an 8 hour flight across the Atlantic, road tripping across the U.S., or exploring Europe by train, comfort is everything! Travelers need pants that are comfortable to wear, pack easy and light, and stay wrinkle free in a suitcase or backpack. These check every box, and look good too!

14. Travel size electric toothbrush

A fold-up toothbrush will do in a pinch, but once you've used an electric toothbrush, there's just no going back to "old school" tooth brushing. As much as I love my full size electric toothbrush, it's too big and bulky to fit in my bag. Especially with the cord and charging station! If you know someone who likes to travel high speed, low drag and still have sparkly clean teeth, this is a fun gift option!

15. Leather Dopp Kit

This leather toiletry bag is the perfect size for someone who is looking for creative ways to pack their personal hygiene accessories. After you have put your liquids in the standard quart size clear bag, put the rest of your non-liquid toiletry items in this bag!

It's compact, yet roomy! The shape works well for items like razors, tweezers, nail clippers, medicine, and toothbrushes. The leather is extremely durable and does well to protect the items inside, while the shape makes it a perfect fit along the side of your suitcase.

16. Storage Packing Cubes or Compression Bags

There are all kinds of travelers. Those who pack too much, and need a way to squish just one more sweater into their suitcase. Compression bags are the perfect gift for the chronic over-packer. Then there are those who need a way to separate their clothes into categories. Packing cubes will help your slightly obsessive organizer keep their socks, underwear, pants, and shirts from touching each other. Either way, your traveler will thank you!

17. Travel Size Hair Styling Accessories

Space and weight are two of the most precious commodities when it comes to packing. Sometimes, travelers have to make hard decisions and leave "luxury" items like this at home in order to make room for other things or stay within the strict weight restrictions that airlines impose. These two styling accessories will make those decisions a little easier!

18. Hair dryer, Curling Iron or Straightener with European Plug

Know someone who loves to travel to Europe? These may not be as compact as some other travel size styling accessories, but are a super cool gift! These are dual voltage AND come with plug converters, so you can save your power adapter for charging your phone and other devices. It's like having a mini hair salon right in your suitcase!

19. Universal Travel Adapter

Even if you do have a traveling hair salon in your suitcase, every traveler NEEDS one of these. This all-in-one travel adapter is awesome!

It's lightweight and compact, has 4 USB ports for charging multiple devices at one time, as well as retractable plug-ins that allow it to be used in over 160 countries! The best feature? It's an adapter AND converter all in one. This means it will convert the electricity to the proper voltage so you don't burn up your devices.

20. Electronics Cord Organizer

This travel gear organizer bag is perfect for organizing travel electronics and accessories! There are plenty of pockets and elastic bands to store your phone, charging cords, headphones, battery pack, and any other accessories you need. It's even water resistant! It rolls up nice and compact with an elastic strap to keep it closed, which can double as a hanging strap if you choose. Give this case as a gift, and you may just win Christmas!

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