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Malibu Sunset

The beaches of Malibu are calling. Rocky coastlines that stretch for miles. Crashing waves that create a surfer's paradise. And stunning sunsets that take your breath away. This drink captures the magical colors of a California sky and puts them in your glass!


  • 2 oz Cocout Rum

  • 4 oz Pineapple Juice

  • 1 oz Grenadine

  • Maraschino Cherries or Pineapple wedges



  1. Add grenadine to the bottom of a glass.

  2. Fill glass with ice.

  3. Slowly pour the rum over the ice.

  4. Slowly pour pineapple juice over the top for final layer.

  5. Garnish with cherries or pineapple wedges.

  6. Stir before drinking.


Serve in:

Short tumbler glass


Looking for more cocktail recipes? Check out my Travel Inspired Cocktails page.

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