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Key Lime Cocktail

Updated: Jul 14, 2020

Straight from the beaches of Key West comes a cocktail that doubles as a dessert! If you've ever wondered what a Key Lime Pie would taste like as a cocktail, look no further. As if the coconut rum, coconut creme and lime juice don't already make a delicious enough combination, the graham cracker "crust" around the rim completely sends this drink over the edge. Easy as pie!


  • 3 oz. Coconut Rum

  • 3 oz. Crème de Coconut

  • 2 oz. Fresh Lime juice

  • Crushed Graham Cracker

  • Lime slices


  1. Crush one graham cracker and pour it onto a small plate.

  2. Run a piece of cut lime around the rim of a glass.

  3. Press and/or roll the rim of the glass into the graham cracker crumbs.

  4. Fill your glass about half full with ice.

  5. Add all liquid ingredients to a cocktail shaker.

  6. Shake about 20 times to combine.

  7. Pour over ice.

  8. Garnish with lime slice.

  9. Sprinkle leftover graham cracker crumbs onto the top of the drink.


Serve in:

Any cocktail glass


Looking for more cocktail recipes? Check out my Travel Inspired Cocktails page.

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