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Affordable Travel Gadgets You NEED

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Luckily for us wanderers, modern technology makes travel more comfortable and convenient than ever! However, the amount of technology and "gadgetry" out there can sometimes be overwhelming. You can end up filling up half of your carry-on bag with electronics and all of the accompanying accessories. If you don't take anything else, make sure these travel gadgets are with you on your next trip!


1. Universal Travel Plug Adapter/Multi-Port Charger

Not all travel adapters are created equal. The All in One World Travel Adpater is awesome! It has 4 USB ports for charging multiple devices at one time, as well as plug-in configurations that allow it to be used in over 160 countries! Charge your phone, iPad, digital camera and laptop all at once. The best feature? It's lightweight and compact. The retractable plugs make it easy to pack in any bag, or even fit inside of a shoe. Bonus points for not adding to your luggage weight!

Disclaimer: this will not convert electricity, and should not be used for hair dryers, curling irons, or other high powered items not labeled as Dual Voltage.


2. International Voltage Converter

If you're looking for a travel adapter that will double as a voltage converter, then the DoAce Travel Voltage Converter is for you! With a converter, 2 adapter and 4 USB plug-ins, it has the ability to simultaneously power 7 devices at one time, all while converting the electricity to the correct voltage so you don't burn them up. How's that for a one-stop shop charging station?

The DoAce charger is also perfectly portable for travel. Its handy and compact sized hard travel case can hold the adapter, as well as additional USB cables for your devices.

* This adapter is only recommended for use with ConAir and BaByliss hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons, or wands. Do not use this with Dual Voltage items.


3. 3-In-One Charging Cable

Tired of packing a separate charging cord for each of your devices? This Multi Charging Cable by Trendsetter will be your go-to charging cord! It has a USB on one end and splits into 3 cables at the other end (lightning, micro, and USB-C) for charging your cell phone, tablet, or battery pack.

The sturdy braided nylon cord wraps up nicely for easy storage. It comes in packs of 2, and offers 3 different lengths for super easy charging. With this cord, you'll be ready to get up and go when it's time for your next trip!


4. Portable Battery Pack/Power Bank

Space is a precious commodity when traveling, but this is one gadget that will earn its place in your bag! A portable battery pack is worth its weight in gold when you're out sightseeing or day tripping, especially if you're taking pictures and using a map app.

The solar powered BEARTWO Ultra-Compact Battery is an excellent choice! It has dual USB ports and hangs easily on the outside of your purse or backpack. It's durable and waterproof, so you can feel equally at ease walking about town or out on the hiking trail.

I love that it can be charged electrically as well. This will allow you to start off your day with a full charge and either hang it on your bag or lay it on the dash of your car to recharge. When fully charged, this bad boy has enough juice to charge multiple phones to full capacity!


5. Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Over the ear, on the ear, in the ear... wired, or wireless? Finding just the right travel headphones can make or break a long, overseas flight! Keep it simple and get a good quality set of wireless earbuds with a long battery life and charging case, like the AMORNO Bluetooth 5.0.

These earbuds are small and fit comfortably in your ears, with no pesky wires to get tangled up in your bag, and have a compact case so they won't get separated from each other. They charge right in the case so you can recharge them on the go. These may be the perfect little set of travel headphones!


6. Travel Accessory Organizer

Do you find that all of your charging cords somehow wrap themselves around each other in your bag? Or you have to dig through your backpack or purse to find your headphones or portable charger? The ProCase Travel Gear Organizer Bag is the perfect way to organize all of your travel electronics and accessories!

There are plenty of pockets and elastic bands to store your phone, charging cords, headphones, battery pack, and any other accessories you need. It's even water resistant! It rolls up nice and compact with an elastic strap to keep it closed, which can double as a hanging strap if you choose. This little case will be your best friend!


Now you're ready to travel tech-stress free!

These gadgets will come in so handy, you'll wonder what you ever did without them! Do you have other travel gadgets you can't live without? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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Cole Rowell
Cole Rowell
Dec 28, 2019

I need to buy all 5 of them........... right now!!


Becky St. Amand
Becky St. Amand
Dec 28, 2019

Thank you! These suggestions are very helpful :)


Aug 29, 2019

I want to buy all 5 of them right now!!!

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