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Hey, I'm Jenny!


     I am a teacher by day, travel blogger by night, and an adventurer as much as time and money allows. I am a lover of history, ancient ruins, medieval castles, and cool stories. 

     This dream began when my sister moved to Italy and I decided to start spending my summers off school visiting her. I've always had a little wanderlust in my heart, but my summer trips exploring Europe with her sparked a fire that I couldn't ignore!

     I quickly discovered that I found almost as much joy in planning trips as I did going on them. (Almost, I said!) After years of learning from a lot of mistakes, I decided to start this little blog to share my experiences, and hopefully help a few people along the way. 

     I hope you find my blog entertaining, as well as informative. Check out my articles for destination ideas and travel tips and tricks, or submit an inquiry on my travel planning page for a personalized itinerary. I love sharing my passion for travel, and would love to help you find yours!


Happy Travels, 


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